Application for Licensure and Examination

Requirements for Physical Therapy licensure and examination in the U.S. Virgin Islands:

Application for license shall be sent to:

Chairperson, Board of Physical Therapy
Roy L Schneider Hospital
#48 Sugar Estate
St. Thomas, V.I. 00802

The applicant shall comply with the following requirements:

  • Submit application on the form prescribed by and obtainable from the Board of Physical Therapy. All documents must be accompanied by a notarized translation in English.
  • If not born in the United States, submit copy of visa/green card.
  • Be a graduate of an accredited school of Physical Therapy recognized by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). Documents attesting to the above must be furnished. This is to include diploma, official transcript, degree and date of graduation.
  • Submit National Physical Therapy Examination Test Scores.
  • Submit two (2) letters of recommendation dated within six months of application date. Letters must be from either the school director of your Physical Therapy program or a licensed Physical Therapist familiar with your work.
  • Submit a chronological account of all time spent between the date of graduation from your Physical Therapy school and the time of this application. The Board reserves the right to verify all employment and may request a personal interview.
  • Submit a recent and dated unmounted photograph of passport size of yourself, autographed across the back.
  • Is not addicted to or practices intemperate use of alcoholic stimulants or narcotic drugs. A notarized statement, signed by the applicant attesting to the above is required.
  • Submit a non-refundable application fee of $15.00.

Foreign Trained Applicants

In addition to the above the requirements, Foreign trained applicants, irregardless of possession of a U.S. license to practice Physical Therapy must obtain a “Credential Evaluation” to be completed and supplied by one of the following agencies:

Foreign Credentialing Commission of Physical Therapy, Inc. (FCCPT)
511 Wythe Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone: 703-684-8406 FAX: 703-684-8715

The Board reserves the right to require the applicant to take and pass the TOEFL to demonstrate competency in the English language.

Endorsement Applications

If you have ever been licensed to practice as a physical therapist in another state, you must make arrangements with each state to send verification of your licensure status, either current or expired, directly to the Virgin Islands Board of Physical Therapy. A copy of your license from another state is not acceptable as verification. The verification must also have the state seal.

You will also need to have your NPTE scores transferred directly to the U.S. Virgin Islands Board of Physical Therapy. Use the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy’s Score Transfer Service. Refer to the Examination Handbook for Physical Therapist for information.

Computerized National Licensure Examination

After a candidate application is considered approved by the V.I. Board of Physical Therapy, he/she will have to register via our office to take the Computerized National Licensure Examination.

All foreign graduates and graduates for schools not approved by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) must complete the Computerized National Licensure Examination given in the Virgin Islands. A candidate applying for examination shall contact our office for an application with full instructions for taking this examination.

The Board currently uses the passing standard as recommended by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

After a candidate passes the examination and is, in the opinion of the Board of Physical Therapy of good moral character, the Board shall issue him/her a license. Such a license shall be registered in the Office of the Commissioner of Health within thirty (30) days of issuance and shall thereafter be conclusive evidence of his/her right to practice in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Failure to pass two (2) consecutive examinations will require the candidate to take additional education course(s). Evidence of taking such course(s) will need to be sent to the Board prior to being allowed to take a re-examination.

Licensure Status

An annual renewal fee of $80.00 is due on or before January 1 of each year. Proof of malpractice coverage and a current tax filing and payment status report from the Internal Revenue Bureau must also accompany the renewal application form.

Licensure can be placed in the inactive status upon written request at no charge. Upon notification to the Board, a license may be reactivated with the renewal fee for that current year and satisfactory proof that he/she was actively engaged in practice during interval.

Notification to the Board of all address changes must be provided promptly.

Please notify our office if you have a disability, which require special accommodations at the test site or for completion of the application.

It is advisable to seek licensure two to three months before you seek or begin employment.


Virgin Islands Board of Physical Therapy
Roy L Schneider Hospital
#48 Sugar Estate
St. Thomas, V.I. 00802

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